My Simbi Experience

On May 7, 2017 I was browsing through where I found in a spreadsheet a link to the Simbi site.

Out of curiosity I clicked the link. The homepage made a great impression.

Words like “Symbiotic economy” resonated with me, as offering a space where we can share what we love and get what we need in return, without money being involved.

Do what you love, get what you need. No money required 🙂

I read the manifesto, loved it and decided to “Join the Tribe”.


Fast forward to Friday, 4 August 2017 (almost three months), and my life has been changed for the better. I made a lot of genuine connections, learned a huge amount, received a great deal of love, help and support from people whom I would not have met otherwise, improved my health, and significantly increased the level of happiness and joy in my life.

My Stats as on Mon, 25 Sep 2017

Badges i’ve earned

 What makes this site awesome?

1. People

There are so many excellent, high-quality people here who are willing to share their hard-earned knowledge and skills with you.

I have made deals with computer science instructors, a rocket scientist (Yes, a real one!) who helped me set up my WordPress site on AWS EC2 and gifted me a lifetime subscription to a high-quality WordPress theme, life coaches, language experts (English, French), health coaches (yoga, fitness buddies, meditation instructors), philosophers, a sumo wrestler, a Hollywood actor and so many others for which I’m truly grateful.

I have received lovely postcards, which I cherish from amazing people

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So many interesting web sites/apps that people love have been suggested to me and some of these sites, like calendly, are my favorites now.

2. Great variety of Offerings/Services

There’s a tremendous variety in the services being offered here.

When you join the site you’re a newbie. You need to make a deal to access the services of experienced members. You can read more about it here:

In short, you need to offer something to the community and you then have to make a deal with another person to become an experienced member.

I am very interested in technology and productivity, so I offered software testing, productivity with Pomodoro Technique, and command line basics services.

If you’re not sure what to offer you can take the excellent Skills Quiz. You’ll see the link after you sign in.

You can take a peek at the available services here: When you join in, you get around 100 Simbi. To earn more you can do these things:

3. Every member is verified properly

There’s very low (almost no) spam here. Also the Simbi Team removes any service not following the rules and Do’s and Dont’s If you encounter any spammy service or comments on your service you can report that to the ever-helpful Simbi Team. You can connect with them easily as mentioned here:

I have shared my WordPress knowledge with people here, taught command line basics, taught Punjabi and Hindi languages, shared how I use the Pomodoro Technique, learned a little French, had a conversation with a monk, shared ideas to improve Simbi with the brilliant founder of this site and have helped with a lot of  other community requests like proofreading books, giving feedback about YouTube channels or helping a person with improving their social skills.

I have always felt great about helping someone else out.

I plan to learn programming languages, make more yoga deals, and gain DevOps knowledge in the future.

Checkout this awesome video and join here:
You will definitely learn something new, get help for what you need and make new friends. You just need to share your time and skills.

Join here:

(This link is a referral link. When you join I will get 25 Simbi, and 25 Simbi more when you make your first deal!)